Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkey

As we give thanks for our blessings this year, let's remember that America still remains the first, best and last hope for the free peoples of the world. Many of the freedoms we enjoy, that are our birthright as Americans, simply do not exist in other countries.
Let's also remember there is no "English Dream", no "Chinese Dream", nor a "French Dream". But there is, famously, an American Dream. There is only the American Dream. The American Dream is built upon, among other things, trust in the integrity of our institutions.
Calvin Coolidge once remarked that "The business of America is business". A prosperous country depends upon business. Businesses in turn depend upon a strong legal system to enforce contracts. And contracts cannot be enforced without a police. A strong police force is necessary to a prosperous society.
A few unfortunate cities in America apparently are not aware of this relation, and they are experiencing the exodus of capital and businesses as a result. Everything else being equal, capital abhors risk. Why spend ones life savings building a business knowing full well that, in some cities, ones investment just might not be protected? The question answers itself.
Years ago, in high school, I had a very good History teacher, from India. (An advantage to being educated abroad is an exposure to some excellent teachers) One thing I remember him telling the class was it would be a waste of money to donate money to charities in India, because the money simply would not reach it's intended recipients. There was too much corruption. He also explained how voting worked in India (this was some years ago, so it may not reflect the current political realities) He stated that a politician could go into a village, and simply buy votes. The village was often poor, and plagued by illiteracy, so it was easy. Simply stated, India suffered from a corruption problem.
So let us not forget that a prosperous America also depends also upon the integrity of our elections. Unless we want to devolve into a 3rd world country.